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Impactful Neighborhood Councils

Spend less time filling out forms and paperwork, and more time making a difference in your community.

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We provide support so you can make a difference

Being a part of a neighborhood council means doing the difficult, tedious, and time-consuming work of complying with Robert's Rules of Order, the NC bylaws, regulations from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, the City Charter, the Brown Act, the California Public Records Act, and more.

The Neighborhood Council Management System (NCMS) provides the tools to make it easier, so you can spend more of your time making government more responsive to local needs.

Fill forms automatically

Automatically create completed Board Action Certificates to submit to the City Clerks Office. No more mistakes or delays in implementing the decisions of your board.

Real-time, low-effort meeting minutes

Simple, on-screen prompts provide guidance to quickly record meeting minutes. Make writing minutes a breeze by having everything you need in one place, in order, and completely legible.

Public by default

Increase engagement and collaboration with fellow board members, other stakeholders, and neighbors by allowing them to stay informed. At the same time, pre-empt CPRA requests and litigation.

Ongoing customization and improvement

NCMS users and their requests determine what NCMS is capable of. You get a tool that is continually and rapidly improving to meet your specific needs.

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You are a part of your neighborhood council because you want to have an impact on your city, your neighborhood, and your community. It is challenging, time-consuming, and underappreciated work. NCMS exists to make it easier.

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