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Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council Board



Office Board member
chairperson Anthony Conley
vice-chairperson Laura Graves
secretary Damien Burke
treasurer Samir Srivastava


Seat Board member
Property Owner
Property Owner Samir Srivastava
Property Owner Alison Brotherton
Business Guy Langman
Business Kamal Hassan
Business Michael Tessler
Business Damien Burke
At-Large Doug Haines
At-Large Ted Wachtel
At-Large Ian Phillips
At-Large Quenton Richards
Neighborhood 1
Neighborhood 2 Anthony Conley
Neighborhood 3 Laura Graves
Neighborhood 4
Neighborhood 5 Dasler Jimenez
Neighborhood 6 Sarah Serrano
Neighborhood 7 Senator Zavala
Property Owner Frankie Holt

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Agenda postscripts

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